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Together with our partners are ready to offer you a product which is a market leader for the manufacturing of ductile iron (nodular cast iron) produced using the technology of green sand molding with the help of high-performance horizontal flaskless molding machines Heinrich Wagner Sinto FBO-II and Heinrich Wagner Sinto FDNX.

High productivity of green sand molding lines by Heinrich Wagner Sinto, installed in our manufacturing facility, is achieved by highly efficient methods of molding sand mix compaction and absence of necessity for supplementary treatment of the molds. The process of green sand molding is fast, simple, technologically advanced and highly productive.

The enterprise wields a special section of reconditioned sand re-use and a pouring station, necessary to provide full-scale projected capacity of casting with HWS FBO-II and HWS FDNX horizontal molding machines. The whole technological process is machine-controlled, including the preparation of molding sand mixture, molding, additional weights application and removal, as well the casting knockout.